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I'm Moving!!!!!



turns out I have 'intonation fetish'. WTF?

Ignoring my title for a moment, I'm just gonna announce that I finally bought a domain (YAY!). It's www.longlivelush.com, which I haven't decide what I'm gonna do with it yet. Of course I'll migrate this blog there when I finished customizing the wordpress. But it turns out, when you work as a website developer, building your own website doesn't seem as fun as it used to be anymore. Been postponing the work on building the site for quite some time now. Probably will waste another 1-2 month hosting. Meh. I never think things through do I?

Anyway.. I'm going to do my other top three list. Now, My Most Memorable Movie Quotes! tadaaaa.....

Obi-Wan Kenobi -- You were my brother, Anakin. I loved you.

This moment was probably the last time I cried watching a movie. And it wasn't PMS.
Yeah, I don't know why when Ewan Mcgregor said that line I always feel emotional. Even just reminiscing that moment, like right now, I feel like I wanna cry already. I mean you could definitely imagine the pain Obi-Wan has when knowing that Anakin has gone to the dark side. Well, if you watch the latest trilogy (which might be a pain, movie-wise), you'll know that Obi-Wan truly trusted Anakin right from the start, even when the council refuses the kid, He stand by him. And that last fight scene on episode III, where at first Obi-Wan didn't even try to attack Anakin, until when he had to, and Anakin fell, and he said "You were the chosen one! It was said that you would destroy the Sith, not join them. You were to bring balance to the force, not leave it in darkness," then Anakin shouted "I hate you!", hhhhhffff.... the look on Ewan McGregor face is..... shit I'm too damn emotional. I'm gonna stop now. Next.

Lloyd Dobler -- She's gone. She gave me a pen. I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen.

I think I mentioned this quote somewhere in this blog before. The way Lloyd Dobler said that line just broke my heart everytime. Well, mostly anything that Lloyd Dobler said in Say Anything will most likely be followed by me saying "Awwwwwhhhhhhhh....". Yeah, probably this one is a bit objective, but hey, all my list has low subjectivity level now that I think about it, so I can get away with this i guess. And then, the scene where heartbroken Lloyd tried to forget the girl by hanging out with those bunch of stupid boys (including once fully haired Jeremy Piven) is probably my most favorite scene of a romantic comedy ever. Ha. Because there is nothing more adorable than broken hearted John Cusack, people!

Leland P. Fitzgerald -- You want a why. Well, maybe there isn't one. Maybe... Maybe this is just something that happened.

Good movie, nnngghh not great, but Ryan Gosling was damn amazing in this. The way Leland has this bunch of questions in his head about himself and about what he did that he didn't even know the answer to is definitely the charm of the movie.
And another thing that might sound weird, the reason this quote is in here is not just because what it meant, but also the way Leland P. Fitzgerald said it. I don't know why, I just love his narration in this whole movie. I still can recite his intonation and his voice inside my head right now. He has this monotonous and full of question intonation which at first I thought Ryan Gosling did just to portray a detached, unemotional, full of questions Leland in the movie. But it turns out, he also speaks a little bit like that in his other movie like,to name a few, in Half Nelson (which, btw, sensationally awesome!) , in Lars and a Real Girl (equally awesome), and in The Notebook (yes, girls! The world's greatest chick flick anthem ever, so called -- because I haven't seen a single girl who hated this movie. No matter how extremely cheesy this is you can't really say you hate the movie can't you?).
So probably it's not the way Leland talk but just the way Ryan Gosling talk in general, yeah, i like it a lot. Um. Is it weird? liking somebody's intonation, I meant? Probably, idc really.

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these guys are my superheroes!

Exam is coming, and figuring out that someone actually finished subbing Gaki No Tsukai 2008 Annual Batsu Game is the highlight of my month! haha!

Fell your life is stressful at times? Feel frustated all the times? Need some fun in your life? Then, if you don't mind a joke that revolves around torturing people and might be a bit sexist at times, then watch Gaki No Tsukai 2008 Newspaper Agency and piss in your pants with me, people....!

For those of you who ask, 'What the hell is Gaki No Tsukai annual batsu game?' Not to worry because I got it all covered. I did an in-depth explanation of the comedians behind the show and the show itself, here!

notes: be fast on those youtube links, because you know how fast youtube deletes awesome contents. Huh, freedom of shared media my ass!

yupp, that's all. Short post, because my common sense told me to start preparing for exam. Shit. I hate you, common sense!




in a nutshell,

in points,
  1. Trailer is awesome as hell right? The premise is as simple as it gets, yet sounds sooo.... adorable?
  2. Zooey Deschanel in it. And yes, she is the most likable actress today in my opinion. Not just because she acted as Trillian on H2G2 as many fanboys may've noticed, but also that she actually sing interestingly. Haloo? 'Yes Man'? Yeah, that's pretty much how she sings in real life. Isn't she interesting?
  3. And, Joseph Gordon-Levitt also in it too, which adds the 'BADDD!!' up there in my title. Yap, that 3rd Rock kid, 10 Things I Hate About You geek, and so on. You may wonder how someone who looked like this, looks like this now? Seriously, and everybody kept saying he looks a lot like the late and very handsome Heath Ledger. He IS, actually. Probably a bit more Keanu somewhere. And.. and.. Yosuke Kubozuka might also fit the equation (might be a bit bias on this one though). But seriously, isn't that something? See this clip inside the cut, if you are not convinced yet,

another thing, he'll be on the upcoming GI Joe: The Rise of the Cobra as the Cobra Commander himself, in case you are wondering.

Plus... the soundtrack also looks sounds so goooood~

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me, turning suicidal

No kidding.
It's not like I have zillions of assignments to do. naaah,, probably more like millions? aaarggh!

Anyway, forget about all those for a moment, and go to the happy place somewhere in my self-conscious.

Three things excite me recently,,

First thing, I watched Star Trek at IMAX last weekend. Where i totally came late to and got one of those avoid-at-all-cost-front-seat, which surprisingly, turns out to be awesome! Not at all nauseating, in fact, first time watching a movie where i had to literally turned my head to see from one end of the screen to other end, haha.. love the experience!
I don't know much about all the Star Trek franchise, too old and too massive, but I know enough thanks to my trekkies brother, and I have to say, I LOVE the movie, love the whole alternate universe scenario, and totally fangirling Simon Pegg now! (yup nope, not Chris Pine.. defnitely will come back for more Simon Pegg) that bloke is freaking awesome, haha. On other note, i totally find this hilarious (huahh... I miss SNL,, someone download it for me please!)

Second thing, May 25th is TOWEL DAY! I don't know why I get too excited over this, well probably because recently i got into Douglas Adams all over again after hearing his old lecture over here. God, that guy was just a genius! Seriously listen to the podcast, or just read the transcript!
Definitely look out for my picture on d day with the most useful thing in the galaxy, towel! (which is going to be pointless, but still.. i'm kinda excited!)
Anyway, I started the Dirk Gently series. Nothing like the Hitchhiker's but still highly enjoyable!

Third thing, I started watching FRINGE, which is really awesome. Another Abrams masterpiece, and guess what? Leonard Nimoy is part of the cast, talking bout really using the Star Trek momentum, Mr.Abrams. ha! Anyway, it's a sci-fi kinda thing, which actually reminds me of X-Files. Although i'm a bit worried considering Abrams' past with TV business, you know, ALIAS? LOST? they started with a really solid conspiracy theory, but sometimes enough is enough. When a show's getting too complicated, its just not that fun anymore to have to keep track on this week bad guy, this week good guy, and this week back to alive person.
Bottomline, I definitely have high hopes for this one, seriously, anything to bring back our old time crush Pacey to our beloved TV, especially that he plays a high school drop out with an IQ of 190! I'm all in!

Notice how this post all kinda sci-fi-ish, I think May is definitely sci-fi month for me! or extend that to June, because of this! YAYYYY!! can't wait..

Will add some pictures later, because all my posts seems boring recently. hah~

Now, back to real life! huah!

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expectation talk frustrate me

seriously, it is. But, no matter how you want to live with no expectation, it kinda creeps back to your subconcious and telling you to want stuffs. Haahh.

To some real blog stuffs. I always want to be a blogger that writes insightful post with interesting story and slightly comical deliverance, but apparently like any other things i want to be good at, i just don't have the skill. I know, i got p-a-t-h-e-t-i-c written permanently all over my forehead, fyi. Haha, so knowing my limitations, I kinda settle to be a blogger that writes mediocre stuffs just like that other blogger the blog you vaguely remember visiting once and never ever come back. Hurts, but it's the truth. who the fuck want to stay around and read your random ramblings about random person. Why do we want our blog to be read by sranger anyway? These days, more I think about it, it's almost like people think blogging is the second best thing if you can't be a movie star (or a youtube personality). And yes, i am one of those people. Haha, cliche'd.
But blog is probably going to die soon, anyway. Microblogging crossed with socialnetworking going to rule the world at this rate, although i just can't get the hang of it yet. Got one at tumblr, or twitter if you consider one line posting is also some sort of 'blogging'.

Ok. End of randomness.

Start of pointlessness.

  • I used to hate apple so much, remember people? But karma hit me, i am converted now. in under 4 months, i bought iPod and iPhone consecutively and i looove it. But hold that praises until android based phone strikes up, and maybe i'll convert again.
  • I got a part-time job! yay! Paling enggak gw dibayar untuk ngerjain sesuatu yang gw emang pengen belajar dari dulu. hehe. asyyikk~
  • Now that i got a job, i can actually start planning up my future japan trip. Still wondering when's the best time to go. I was thinking of going after i get my degree before (which is another two years), but it's just too long. Anticipating for something that far in the future will kill me. Or maybe like end of this year? uwaaa.. TOKIO will have their 15th anniversary this September, right? That will be nice awesome to see TOKIO's anniversary concert (if there's one)! But September is not even a holiday. Crap.
  • Other than saving up for my japan trip i am now compiling stuffs for my wish-list. What i got so far is an lcd monitor so that i won't have to stare at my small screened laptop all the time anymore, this hd media player to play my hd files that i won't afford to download under my data limit these days anyway, any leather jacket, any huge bag to carry my laptop, maybe this dvd (shit i have to restrain myself, who want the dvd when you have the actual broadcasted files already? maybe someone who love the idea of having the dvd of nagase singing accoustic, umm like me?), and.. and... oh shit, this is going to be endless, so i'm just going to stop here. Do contact me at any time if you're interested in the full wish list in case you want to buy me one of it.
  • I love my daily routine here, like yesterday, I wake up around 9am; Browse around on my iphone under my blanket until 11am; Waking up and have some breakfast (still under my blanket); take off to my building which is only 8 minute walk at 12pm; grab sushi for lunch; hang around while having my lunch and do my assignments download stuffs at the MIS study area until 6pm; go to the class from 6-9pm; got home, prepare dinner; eat dinner while watching tv or anything i download that day; and finally go to sleep while watching Letterman... Menyenangkan, really.
  • As if this download data limit situation doesn't strangle me enough, look at this season drama line-up. I'm gonna cry. Everything looks good, i want to watch all of em. Although this one's going to be my priority, it's Nakai in romantic comedy! with Ueto Aya and Sato Ryuta. I know, there's no arashi in it, but please let the subs come out fast.

Whoa, i got a class in a couple of minutes. I need to go, and this post is linkless, so it may not make much sense but i'm gonna fix it later. fixed some of it, now i'm uploading some video to youtube to prove my point.

Shit, can't believe i spent 5 hours in here doing nothing productive,,

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PEMILU is overrated

Yap, gak ikutan gw. Bukan karena tempat milihny jauh. Bukan karena gw ga sempet daftar. Bukan karena ada kuliah. Bukan. Hah.
I just hate the fact of choosing anyone or anything that i know won't make any difference anyway. Don't debate on me here, but if you insist then show me any proof that that single action on some klaustrophobic booth do make a difference. Because, frankly it's 1:200jt (menurut sensus ri jaman gw sd, jaman gw masi merhatiin pelajaran bginian). And don't tell me, that a single voice matters. Yeah, it could be a problem if there's 200jt org (masi dgn rasio berdasarkan asumsi sblmny) yg brpikiran kayak gw. But the reality is, there's always people that care enough to put their choice into a single piece of paper, walaupun dgn agenda ny masing2 (which i have no problems about, because even ghandi has his own agenda). Maybe, that's my whole point afterall, i don't care. Don't like me, i don't care.

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EEH? Why Kutner?

Of all the characters, they killed Kutner? Why? WHY? hey, I happen to like Kutner!
I should catch up fast. Damn aus tv network. Well, at least now we know House is capable of being a homicide detective, nice. And yet, i'm spreading fox marketing scheme,, cannot believe fox deleted Kutner's memorial page after less than a week. For those of you who haven't seen kutner memorial video, this is the direct link.

yes, i have no life.

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it's Buffy all over again!

my long gone crush on Seth Green is BACK!
Blame Buffy for the first phase years ago, this time it's all on Heroes!

here's the deal, I've abandon Heroes (the TV series, that is) for quite some time now, and I had tons of the episodes just sitting there on my harddrives. And apparently today, I am in the mood to distract myself from real life and my internet is almost at its limit for the month, so I settle to watch Heroes because that's the only thing in my harddrives that I haven't memorized every single scene of.

Then, when I was flipping through the episodes (yes, 'flipping through', because i abandoned it for a reason, remember?), i saw an episode with familiar faces. OMG, ISN'T THAT SETH GREEN AND BRECKIN MEYER? OMG, YES IT IS THEM! How can I not know this before. This is huge, HUUUGE!
The episode is pure dope (or more like those specific scenes make the whole episode awesome). Seriously, the first time I watch Heroes while clapping my hand retardedly in excitement. Again, Seth Green and Breckin Meyer people!! Getting excited with me here? (if not, screw you!)

FYI, it's episode 10 in season 3. Now, I am still in the middle of episode 11, they still appeared. crossing my finger hoping they'll come out more!! And they said multi-episode, so that must not mean one or two right? RIGHT?

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my perfect little spot back home,,

other than missing a lot of things back home, i can't really decide whether i'm able to enjoy Melbourne for another two years or not. Well, everything's so exciting and new, but so far you can say i'm happy enough... though i have not literally fell in love with the city already, because of course it takes time to seep in all the great juices... (yeah, it's different when i first stepped into the city of SF years ago, and totally fell in love with everything about it right at that moment. huahhhhhh, still wished to live there someday *crossing finger*)

note-to-self : i need a phone plan! iphone? nyaaa, don't know. i simply refuse to fell into the conspiracy.
note-to-self (1) : find a better internet plan, until then just hold the urge to download big file (which is impossible, meh). i should've finish dl-ing kindaichi back home.
note-to-self (2) : find a good paying (less effort) part time job and save up A LOT of money for my future japanese trip.



articulate people scare me

haha! talking bout random post title..

right now i'm in so much pain because my teeth just got removed last night (with a real scalpel and all sort of dental surgery things i'm too scared to see).
still, so much things to do. including massive packing activities in the near future, meh..

he brings people me all sort of hapiness,,

he sang a magazine. seriously,, as in singing every word from the interview and the catalog page.. aaand, my pain is gone just like that! miracle, i say.

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better late than never?

the proverb applies...

so that my january achives won't be empty, i'll post something... and this time it'll be something deep... so behold readers...

2008 : the year that ended my 4-year hardwork, the year that i found a new exciting world, also the year that marked the start of my new dream

(see... i told you it's deep!)

here you go, review of my 2008... clicky below!

looking back at 2008, one thing that was major in the first half of the year is SKRIPSI, my final undergraduate thesis... i remember being in constant worries of not able to finish it on time... seriously, it has taken all my mind and soul at that time.. BUT, also around the time i experienced the nightmare of skripsi, that i discovered a whole new world filed with the pleasure of distractions.. Japanese POP culture! or to be exact NAGASE TOMOYA!!!!!

i first watched Tiger & Dragon and got really hooked up with the stupid yakuza-turned-storyteller with no sense of humour sometime in 2007, but it's not until early 2008 (after Utahime phase) when distractions was like a primary needs for my mental health that i was starting to fed myself with any japanese variety shows involving that guy, NAGASE TOMOYA... i was starting to fell in love with his face, his voice, and most importantly his personalities.. yes! he is one of those fabricated idol, and you can judge me any way you can, but if you cud make an idol that is 1. handsome as hell; 2. can act, sing, and make music bearably; 3. do not act like a crappy ass idol; 4. moderately stupid at adorable times; 5. HANDSOME AS HELL!; just sign me up any time.... seriously...

well, after a while my needs for distractions not only limited to one guy.. it slowly shifted to more wider area of japanese variety shows, involving comedian duo DOWNTOWN also a few popular regular shows, but the fandom was small and limited.. so i'm back to Nagase, but my interest spread to his band TOKIO, and their fellow friends SMAP, Kinki Kids, and V6... these specific fandom are what i called mystifying.. i, myself, never rarely listen to the music but definitely watch their (awesome) variety shows... but, see, the variety shows kept on coming everyday of the week, so it is like they are sucking you to an endless vortex... endless distractions...

back to skripsi... thanks to the new world of distractions that i just discovered, i managed to keep myself sane while finishing skripsi... it maybe one of the hardest time i had to gone through in my life... yes! i had my life easy all this time, even making a 50-pages worth of paper is hard for me... fiuhhhh.... but just assume i had it finished at a blink of an eye, so... skripsi kelar - sidang beres - next up GRADUATING!!!

even the word 'graduating' has a deep meaning... graduating from an institution that helped me grow for 4 years; graduating from being irresponsible idiot; graduating from being with my friends; so yeah i had mixed feelings during this time... but in the end, the look on my parents eyes on the graduation day was just priceless... i guess, that was the only things that matters... aaahhhh....

GRADUATED! so what's next? i have this long sought dream, American Dream... so i did what i need to obtain it... TOEFL and then GRE... so, September, October, November, all i did was concentrated on those two exam... December, i got everything i need -- enough TOEFL score and fair GRE score... But something happened and it got me thinking, i started to straighten up my goals, straighten up what my dreams really are, then suddenly one option just appear right before my eyes... easier option, easier opportunity... I decided to take the option and the possibility that it may bring me right at the end of 2008, and at that exact moment a new dream had started... end of story...........

this is my only post this month... don't feel like posting these days... but i'll be moving to a place with way better life internet connections soon, so maybe i'll be a diligent blogger after that....

last thing,, HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE.... (pretend you read this back at january 1st, will ya?)

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i worship this guy!

nothing paganic though...

(picture goes here,, when i had the chance to touch photoshop)

yeah,, everybody knows i love House! who doesn't (love him, i mean).. but, what i'm trying to tell you in this post is that I ADORE HUGH LAURIE.. the only 50 years old (or 49? i don know, too lazy to make sure) actor that i consider unhumanly charming... in fact, might as well be THE ONLY actor i consider unhumanly charming,, or not.. if you count geeky Shia Labeouf in his teen days... (yeah, i hate that he is becoming more and more of a jock these days)

  • first of all, house audition tape.. because we're still (will always be) amazed how he could pull off that amazing american accent... this way...
  • next, fanvids.. because fans is the best people to sum out celebrity's positive points... so, go here...
  • some other talk show... because big time actors don't go to silly gameshows duh... (how i love japanese tv)... yeah, see it here, here, and newest one here, or to save you the time just watch this collection instead, again fanvid..
  • the best moments are actually at awards.. but too bad i cudn't find decent links on that... only find this and this, although i'm looking for his emmy (or whatever) acceptance speech...
  • and guess what.. he sings! he also sings with The Band From TV, go figure..
  • not to mention that he'd done comedy in his younger days... british comedy that is..
  • last thing... he's going to host next saturday SNL... YAYY!! exci~ted.....

on other note, just saw Twilight.. never read the book, but i kinda can see what makes the book so popular.. the movie is average if i have to say... gotta go find the book(s?) now...

on other note other than that, i never been a trekkie (though my brother try all his might to convert me since i don't know when) but next year is the right time to finally be one... because if Captain Kirk was once that young and hot, then i probably am a trekkie already... Plus 'JJ Abrams as the director (or producer?)' is my more logical reason to hide my shallow I-think-the-lead-actor-is-cute reason... to the awesome trailer anyone?

last note, The Day the Earth Stood Still is something closer to wait for... Keanu + alien + world destruction is the right mix for my full enjoyment... Hollywood knows best (sometimes)...

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God is listening to my prayers

now Indonesia get its own conspiracy theory??
awwhhh.. you guys are spoiling me....



memorizing is not my thing

well, actually i don't really have a 'thing' to begin with...

but i'm gonna stick on ranting about how i can't memorize anything even if my life depends on it,, OK... so, yeah.. i can't do it.. i know that there's supposed to be some kind of method or something to help people memorize stuffs, but seriously, my brain just cudn't (or wudn't) handle it...
well i didn't have to do it often anyway.. the last time i had to memorize stuffs was like.. ummmmmmm... see, i can't even remember...
here's the thing... in college, i don't memorize stuffs because most of em are logical, or maybe i kinda need to for long equation, but naah.. i wrote those in my palm or a piece of paper under my answer sheet.. then, as far as in highschool, its just easier to put the textbooks under the table on big tests.. (yeah, i cheat! so does everybody.. big deal!)
anyway, you may ask (or not, screw you), why am i being totally random about memorizing stuffs? it is that i have exactly NO clue on doing the oncoming GRE verbal test... see, i need to memorize hundreds of complicated words which normal earthlings won't use even once in their entire life? yeah, totally lost track of the test's points huh?
ok, so here's the genius plan... i was thinking, instead of working hard on memorizing, maybe it'll more helpful if i do something stimulating with this brain of mine?? hmm, but with what idk.. i'll just google it later then.. haha.. which side is it that stores memory anyway? hmm... idc, too lazy... meh...

the point is, i probably going to have the worst verbal score ever, like historically EVER.. so yeah, i'm stressed out right now..

now.. only a bit of note on my Nagase fandom.. (haha, i knew you'll regret it)
so, tommorow is the NHK's documentary on Nagase.. it is supposed to be awesome, (duh.. it's Nagase, what's un-awesome about him?)... a bit about his new movie and also about him being 30... here's the preview.. hope i'll be home on time though..
and then, another thing i'm excited about is him going to appear on his own MTV unplugged! i know i won't have the chance to see it anytime soon, but i'm pretty much uberly excited about this... Nagase on accoustic is love...
if you haven't noticed, yeah i am in the middle of Nagase craze right now, but not planning to get out of it in the mean time.. because i simply enjoy the distractions... haha.. you don't even want to see my wallpaper right now... (yet.. i'm linking you the printscreen.. i am indeed a showy masochist!)

people, if it'd be more convenient to you, please ignore my fangirl stuffs i wrote just now, or maybe ignore the whole post.. whatever... seriously...

hmm.. anyway, yesterday was my 21st birthday... YAY! nothing big happened though, story of my life....

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i wish i was a teen in the 80's,

so I can have a healthy obsession over John Cusack...

been watching too much 80's teen movies these days.. the hair, the outfit, the music, yeah you got the idea... 1980's, the decade where John Cusack looked exceptionally skinny hot, haha! aren't we all on the same page on that?

moving on, my ultimate 80's teen flicks playlist got to be these...

Lloyd Dobler: She's gone. She gave me a pen. I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen.

well isn't it obvious enough? as I was sayin in here, Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack, duh) is my favorite character ever.. So of course I'll put Say Anything up here.. Because i'm telling you, this movie is like the ultimate feel-good-chick-flick, and will remain as my all time favorite everrr...

Cameron: Okay Ferris, can we just let it go, please?
Sloane: Ferris, please. You've gone to far. We're going to get busted.
Ferris: A: You can never go too far. B: If I'm gonna get busted, it is *not* gonna be by a guy like *that*.

Save Ferris, anyone? (not talking about the band, I'm not).. yeah, anyway this movie is awesome! Ferris Bueller is.... AWESOME.. seriously I couldn't think of any other word right now.. but, really, a guy that could get out of anything, how cool is that..? and did you notice that Matthew Broderick looked the same 20 years ago as he is now.. safe to say that Ferris Bueller simply doesn't age, i guess...

Andie: You know your talking like that just because I'm going out with Blane
Duckie: His name is Blane? Oh! That's a major appliance, that's not a name!

Samantha: I can't believe I gave my panties to a geek.

last one is a tie because I couldn't decide which Molly Ringwald's movie is better.. both movies are about an average girl who somehow get the attention of a hot popular guy, added with an annoying adorable geek who adores the girl.. guaranteed to make you wish you were the average girl in the movies.. say it with me girls, "damn you, Molly Ringwald!"

Other than those three, there are several other movies that are worth to watch also.. Some may consider Breakfast Club is among the best.. or maybe Can't Buy Me Love, how's geeky adorable Patrick Dempsey paying a cheerleader to be his girlfriend for a movie?... or maybe Sean Penn on dope in Fast Times at Ridgemont High... or maybe more of John Cusack with The Sure Thing or Better of Dead... or.... awwhh.. how I love the decade... nuff said..

Yeah, movies that deal with simple teen issue with an adorable plot that get us hooked.. We don't get to see many of those around anymore.. well, one of the few that I consider kinda cool for a teen movie recently is Charlie Bartlett.. have you watched it? it is one underrated movie, yeah.. check the summary here, then if you're interested, just go and watch it.. worth watching.. and now, although it would be totally off-topic, i'll just show you the screencap if you don't mind,

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so.. did you notice??

yupp.. made a few changes on the blogs.. nuthin much, just replacing the old picture up there wit a creature i can't stop drawing lately.. and also changed my mainpage here..
thought would only took me an hour or two.. but apparently, if you make a layout without a proper css and just kept on removing and adding stuffs randomly, you'll end up with a bunch of codes that you have no idea what is for what.. so.. this took me longer than i expected... well, yeah A LOT longer... and i'm starting to feel neck pain right now... aaarggh..

ps : did i mention i am feeling so guilty right now that i did this instead of something else (something related to my long term future, maybe? for example, studying GRE?) ... shit... whatever.. tommorow i will study, definitely! mmmnnn... ooor make it a 'maybe'.... because the pressure would drive me away from my responsibilities... in this case, yeah, i am that weak...

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brought to you by bullet-points

hi.. me again, avoiding responsibilities...

yuck.. yes i did the TOEFL test like last week (and no, i haven't got the score yet, if you ask).. and if i thought after it i'm going to be free from all the burden, then apparently i wasn't thinking straight... well, i don't think straight most of the time, so what do you expect...
and yeah, seriously, i need to take GRE next (by 'take' i meant study-study-study before actually 'taking').. shoot, i should've known this is never ending.. i might even need to take GMAT also later.. whatever, first thing first...
so, yesterday i was so fire up trying to study (meaning: finally trying to open the actual prep book), but when i scanned through the book and then i saw like gazillion of new words i never even see in my entire life, my motivation go straight down to drainage.. damn... i am easy to intimidate, true.. you better believe me, because basically my whole life i let myself get intimidated by living/non-living things (not gonna write any examples though because it's embarrassing)..
OK, enough on that...

now, i'm going to rant in bullet-points.. because bullet-points make everything look organized and smart-ish (i wish)..
  • watched Jimmy Kimmel the other day, and how awesome does Seth Rogen look these days..? *drools* btw, his new movie promos is somewhat interesting..
  • i'm trying to watch more japanese movies because they're cool and unstereotypical (not all of em of course, duh).. well this and this and this and this amazed me recently.. not new movies, of course.. and this guy is so creepily disgusting that he is so fit the role in that movie.. uhm, and maybe later when my knowledge widen more from only watching movies that has to do with Kudo Kankuro and Odagiri Joe, i'll do the master post of Jmovies on my other blog....
  • Obama won.. so what? what's the big deal? last time i checked he's the president of US not RI, so why do we, Indonesian, bother so much... aarrgh... it's like everytime i turn on the TV it's his Indonesian childhood friends, talking random stuffs... seriously, i really don't have anythin against him, damn! i wud vote for him if i'm a US citizen, but really.. it's just overrated for us to obsessed on him this much.. and now that we're on the topic, i can't resist to not quote this, "Politicians are shady So people watch your back 'cause I think they smoke crack I don’t doubt it look at how they act".. YEAH! i do base my principal of life on Beastie Boys's songs most of the time..
  • recently i don't have a good relationship with my TV.. we're not as tight as we used to be.. i don't know what happened, but in the whole week the only thing i watch on my TV are local infotainment(?) and The Roloffs.. hnn.. i hope we'll be fine though (me and my TV, that is)..
  • as for my weekly series, nuthin much happened.. House and Cuddy finally, ah please : boring! ; Saracen back to QB#2 : boring! ; Nate is screwing everybody : boring! ; Old Patrelli is actualy alive : boring! ; BUT... Yang's possible new love interest : ME LIKE...!!
  • and i've been doing some timing work for this fansub, mostly domoto kyoudai stuffs.. do check those out.. because, domoto kyoudai is fun...!

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tomorrow is the d-day.. TOEFL test.. nyaa...
i need to practice my speaking right now.. because i tend to speak shit when i'm nervous..
but somehow, i ended up here, and now that i am here...
i'm gonna go rambling about a random Jdrama.. yayy!!
Ryusei no Kizuna!!

(and as if i don't have too much on my mind.. i started screencapping!! see? not doing anything fancy though, cause i have self-restraint apparently)

i am totally obsessed with Ryusei no Kizuna.. obsessed.. obsessed..!
i know i should have write it in lushteaiswatching but it is much easier to have one blog with random content.. and this is what i realized just now..! maybe i should change my lushteaiswatching to something like lushteaiswatchingsometimeswhenshehastime.. hah! lazy..

it airs every friday for the fall season of 2008..

the script is based on a best selling japan novel (not able to find any decent links bcause most of it are in japanese, but this review maybe useful).. i couldn't care less about the book cause i never read it.. well, maybe someday, when i can really understand japanese instead of just pretending like i understood... (though the translations might be available brought to you by the fans)
the story kinda deep though.. i guess that's why it's sell so well.. three siblings which their parents got murdered brutally when they are still kids... and the story revolved to the time they already grow up and try to take revenge.. that's basically it.. but seeing three little kid witnessing their parents murdered bound to make your tears flowing out uncontrolable right?

but.. BUT (capped it to accentuate)... this drama happened to be written by Kudo Kankuro, which hands down created some of the best thing i've ever watched in my entire life.. and i'm not exaggerating... trust me..
so because it's Kudo Kankuro's, though it's kinda sad, it has its witty humorous moments.. love it..

AND (capped it again) the casts is somewhat almost perfect,
there's Ninomiya Kazunari who plays the older brother.. to be honest, my first impression of him was on Stand Up!, and in it he looked like he only able to express the emotion of 10-years-old child.. but after Letters of Iwojima he grew more and more.. Clint Eastwood sure put some spells on him somehow... and now, surprisingly he is all to the big-brother, genius-plotter, want-to-kill-his-parents'-murderer character.. and this kind of wonderful dramas should add to his resume (because last time, Yamada Taro Monogatari left an awful taste on me.. seriously, not something i want to revisit)..
the little brother played by Nishikido Ryo which for some reason is pleasant enough to fill the 45-minutes of my screen... enough said..
also Toda Erika as the little sister.. to me she seems like a girl that easy to get along and quite likeable at some point.. so i'm perfectly fine with her existence in the drama...

and the last thing to add up to the hype is that the subs came out like a super lightning (the comparison is old-fashioned, but effective).. really, i never followed a drama series with a subs that came out so fast.. the next day after it airs i cud already enjoy it.. i primely suspect that this phenomenon mainly occurred because it starred the Arashi's beloved member, Nino.. so, let's all cheer for the hardworking Arashi fans! 1.. 2.. 3.. YAYY!!

it's still episode two, so i really don't want to make early praises.. but i just hope it could live up to its high expectations... crossing my finger...

well, if you find yourself being a obsessed fan of the drama.. then head yourself to the LJ community.. it has some great stuffs (the greatest stuffs are mostly locked though, so go and join!).. and also isn't it nice to share something we like with others that like it too? (heeekk... i don't even know where does that last sentence came from.. must be my sub-conscious.. must be..)

I totally waste my time on this.. but whatever, i'm feeling fulfilled though.. haha..
seem to need some coffee right now, because my eyes not cooperating already... cooperate you damn eyes!! COOPERATE!

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random harmless rant

do you know one thing i hate the most about indonesian tradition?
yepp... it's the so-called 'arisan keluarga' tradition.. to translate it in english, 'family gathering' (?)..
but i don't even think the term 'family gathering' do much justice on how much a nightmare 'arisan keluarga' can be..
though it's written 'family', do you know how complicated a family tree can go? and how far for the branches can be considered not part of the tree? we may aswell call it 'a gathering of a bunch of people you don't even know'.. for real! in 'arisan', you cud be introduced to the brother-in-law of the sister of the cousin of your grandma.. okay, that's random, but believe me, that happens (somewhere)..

for a fact, 'arisan' can have more awkward moments than any normal person (who never been to arisan, of course, duh!) ever experienced in his entire lifetime..
and appearently, if you're the host, the probability that the akward moments happened to you is much much higher..
plus, if you're the antisocial daughter of the host, the probability can be estimated to 100%..

scenario example
antisocial daughter : *mojok berusaha nyamar jadi kipas angin*
host : eh, kamu disitu tho! sini, mama kenalin sama itu anak-anaknya oom x..
antisocial daughter : *no idea who that is*
host : *shove her daughter to a bunch of unidentified people* nih, kenalin nih...
unidentified people : *spontaneously glare at the antisocial daughter*
antisocial daughter : *awkward smile* eh, iyya.. saya..
unidentified people : *still glaring*
antisocial daughter : *liat kanan kiri*
host : *suddenly vanished*
unidentified people : *still glaring*
(note : not that it ever happened to me though *cough* *cough*)

bottom line is...
if you did read my blog, and by now you haven't figure out that i'm not exactly a people person, then maybe i'll stressed on it more, I HATE PEOPLE.. well... maybe, not people in general, cause i love my friend, i do.. the thing that i hate is actually TO INTERACT WITH OTHER PEOPLE (there! i put it in caps so you'll see it clearly)..
because you know what people do? admit it or not, when a person see another person that they don't know well, the first thing that person do is judge...
yupp.. judging other people is what we do every single second.. it's like first line of our main program is 'judge people in front of you ;', and it keeps on looping back to that instructions line...
and yeah.. that's my problem... i hate being judged by people who don't even know me...
so, because being judged is somehow inevitable, my strategy? i'll just straightly hate life instead...
but til now, can't confirm that its the most effective strategy yet...

oh yeah... according to blogger, this is my 100th post!
i should be celebrating! OR NOT... because i'm lazy... simple...

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